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Use VizuVizu In Your Early Childhood Classroom

Independent Play

Nurture children’s shape and color skills, and foster visual-spatial reasoning through independent practice with VizuVizu apps. Consider children’s prior knowledge as you determine individual goals and monitor progress within the Grown-Ups Area. Encourage children to replay levels according to their skill needs or classroom curriculum.

Paired Learning

Provide opportunities for children to play and learn together, facilitated by the multi-touch interface and bilateral game design. Children can work on one side of the screen or takes turns, communicating and collaborating as they solve puzzles and create pictures.

Center Time

Make VizuVizu apps available in a variety of learning centers, including your math and technology centers. Support children’s developing visual-spatial skills by extending the apps into a variety of other learning centers for open-ended play and exploration.

Small Group Instruction

Supplement your math and science curriculum by using VizuVizu apps with small groups of children. Reinforce shape constancy, sorting, color mixing, observation, experimentation, and collaborative problem solving as children play and learn together.

Once you’re familiar with the RelationShapes experience, consider these implementation suggestions:

Assign co-play roles based on children’s strengths or skills that need additional practice.

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One child can take the lead and the other can follow to manipulate shapes until they match.

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One can decide the picture’s theme and the other can select accessories that give context to the shapes.

Connect learning in RelationShapes to center-based learning.
Children can:

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Design digital buildings, vehicles, or objects and then reconstruct them in the blocks center.

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Recreate their pictures using playdough, felt, paint, or other mediums in the art center.

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Use their pictures to imagine play scenarios and characters in the dramatic play center.

Our Extended Learning Resources include information about learning goals, align with early childhood standards, and provide playful assessment moments. Select from our bank of resources to develop individual skills, address small group needs, or highlight class interests.