Best PreK / Early Childhood Learning Solution

- SIIA CODiE Awards Finalist, 2017

" app that should be on every child's iPad."

- Children's Technology Review Editor's Choice 2016

"RelationShapes is a well-rounded game that provides a solid basis for later geometric coursework, in preschool and beyond."

- Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner 2017

“RelationShapes is the type of experience that’s ideal for young kids.”

- Common Sense Media 2017

Best Apps for Teaching and Learning

- American Association of School Librarians, 2018

"This is an app to be placed in every OT's and teacher’s toolbox."

- Teachers with Apps Best Play & Learn Apps of 2016

"RelationShapes is gorgeous. A mesmerizing and rewarding experience for kids (and, as we discovered, big kids)."

- App Store Editor's Notes and New Apps we Love (October 2016 )

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Why RelationShapes?

Our open-ended approach to playful learning encourages children to explore and discover visual-spatial relationships, or how objects relate to one another, in a fun and interactive way. Children move through eight levels of cumulative, progressively challenging activities designed to encourage flexible thinking and creativity. As they drag, scale, and rotate both abstract and figurative elements, they are exercising their spatial reasoning skills – which build a strong foundation for mathematics, problem solving, and creative expression.

Make both sides look the same –
any way you choose.

The “magic wand” is here to help!

Imagine and create using backgrounds and accessories to add context.

Save your creations to the gallery.

Monitor progress in the Grown-ups area.

Extend learning beyond the screen with activities that are engaging and easy to implement.


Play and learn with family and friends! RelationShapes is designed with co-play in mind. Activities include a split screen and multi-touch interface, making it ideal for children and their grown-ups to collaborate as they match and create.